Rental Department

The Rental Department provides rental services for machinery comprising the agricultural, industrial, storage and transportation sectors, as well as everything concerning the construction field in both the public and private sectors.

Our main objective is to fulfill the needs of our customers by providing the necessary assistance at all times, offering competitive prices and working with the best brands in the market.


With more than a decade of experience in machinery rental in the national market, we make a fleet of more than 300 units available to you to satisfy your needs.

Our fleet includes modern machinery, which guarantees high availability to achieve top efficiency in your operations.

We have a highly trained and specialized work team in order to offer excellent customer and technical service, availability of equipment and consultancy.

the 12 good reasons why you should think about renting.

Minimization of inventory

Ownership costs can be very high when the equipment is not producing. The combination of equipment ownership with equipment rental, as required, will minimize idle time.

Proper work equipment

Rental eliminates hidden costs due to inefficiency caused by using inadequate or high-power equipment, as well as repair and maintenance costs due to the same causes. Rented equipment will ensure availability of the ideal machinery for the job.


e use of rented equipment eliminates the need for large storage areas and lowers the fixed costs of your business.

Out of service

Practically all the equipment is subject to fail occasionally. However, with rented equipment, out of service time is minimal and repair costs are eliminated.


Equipment rental includes total maintenance. This means you do not need to have a repair shop, spare parts stock, mechanics, external repairs or professional services, and not even the cost of keeping maintenance accounting.

Obsolete equipment

Owning equipment carries the risk of increases in labor costs for delays in completing the required work due to the use of obsolete or worn out equipment. Newer, better and faster equipment is available through our Rental Department.

Replacement costs

Setting up used, obsolete and depreciated equipment for reselling and advertising it, in addition to the time required for doing this, are all factors of the cost of owning equipment that are eliminated when you rent it.

Cost control

Knowing the actual cost of ownership of equipment is difficult. Rented equipment, on the other hand, offers you one single cost item: the rental invoice.

Inventory control

The presence of continuous equipment rental invoicing creates customized accounting. Having better contact with costs reduces the possibilities of continuous loss of small quantities of spare parts and supplies.

Taxes and permits

Property taxes, road taxes and other permits are eliminated when renting equipment.

Conservation of capital

Equipment rental releases your capital to be used in more profitable activities.

Increase in your financial leverage capacity

Business owners that rent instead of buying equipment have greater opportunities for securing financing, since their assets/liabilities ratios are more favorable because debts for purchasing equipment are not recorded in their financial statements. Lines of credit are not affected, which is very important in cases where performance guarantees are required.

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