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Komatsu rigid frame truck


Cast steel components are used in critical areas of the main chassis, where most of the load and shocks are concentrated. The standard HD405-7 case is made of high-resistance 130 kg/mm2 (Brinell 400 hardness) steel, with a V-design for excellent structural hardness. Side and inferior plates are reinforced with ribs. A large target zone allows for easy loading, with minimal falls and more efficient transportation

Name:Komatsu rigid frame truck
Engine:Clean, high-performance Komatsu SAA6D140E-3 engine. With the best net horsepower in its class, 364 kW 488 HP at 2000 rpm, it provides top efficiency with unparalleled fuel economy. This engine meets level-II emission standards.
Brakes:The front service brakes and parking brake are adjustment-free caliper disc type.
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