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Articulated dump truck


Name:Articulated dump truck
Engine:KOMATSU 11.04-L SAA6D125E-5 model, 6 cylinders, diesel fuel, water-cooled, turbo-charged aspiration, air-to-air aftercooler (EGR).
Meets EPA TIER 3 emission standards.
Net horsepower: ISO 9249/ SAE J1349 of 254 kW (340 HP) at 2000 rpm.
Maximum torque: 174 kg
Double-element air filter with pre-cleaner (cyclonpack type) and dust indicator
Hydraulic, oil-cooled service brakes, multi-disc type on front and center axles Parking brake: spring applied
Retarder absorption capacity (continuous descent): 370 kW (496 HP)
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