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WB97R-5EO Backhoe loader


The WB97R-5 Backhoe loader has a KOMATSU turbo-version 99.2 HP (74 KW) at 2200 rpm engine. The remarkable cylinder capacity of this engine (4.4 liters) guarantees a high par and power reserve, and, particularly, exceptional reliability. In addition, the KOMATSU engines, very advanced, technologically, have minimal gas emissions, as they meet the European TIER III Standards, due to their high-efficiency and quiet combustion system.

Name:WB97R-5EO Backhoe loader
Engine:KOMATSU turbo-version 99.2 HP
Brakes:Excellent braking system, oil-immersed multiple disc service brakes with independent circuits and actuated by two different pedals for guaranteed maximum work safety
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