Agricultura Mecanizada S.A., known in the agricultural and livestock market as AGROMEC, was founded on March 26, 1967.

The company was founded by Guillermo Arguedas Klotz with partners Rodolfo Gurdian Montealegre, Raul Gurdian Montealegre, Ramon Balsinde y Martinez, Gaspar Ortuño Sobrado, Fernando Ortuño Sobrado, Miguel Ortuño Sobrado, Juan Arrea Escalante and Gonzalo Mata Arias.

AGROMEC started operations in San José, Avenida 10, 34-36 Street, next to Abonos Superior S.A., as distributor of the Ford Agricultural Tractors manufactured in England by Ford Tractor Operations (Ford Motor Company).

The company sold their first eight model 4000 series #050630, 050632, 050633, 050634, 050635, 050641, 053213 and 053214 Ford tractors on October 4, 1967 to Compañía Bananera de Costa Rica.

In January 1971, just when the company was becoming established in the national market, an unexpected misfortune caused by a raging fire destroyed the facilities and the spare parts, leaving only the tractors untouched.

After such an unfortunate event, Raul Gurdian Rojas, father of Raul and Rodolfo Gurdian Montealegre, spontaneously and immediately provided the necessary funds to build new facilities in the already purchased property in La Uruca, which were inaugurated in May 1971.

From 1971 on, AGROMEC started a new process of consolidation and reassumed the sale of Agricultural Tractors, selling 102 Ford units in 1972. Once the company was established, Arguedas Klotz, engineer, with the collaboration of Elias Vicente, negotiated in February 1972 with Japan’s Marubeni Corporation, the representation of the Komatsu construction and industrial equipment made in Japan.

Ya consolidada la compañía el Ing. Arguedas Klotz con la colaboración del señor Elías Vicente, negociaron en febrero de 1972 con el Trading de Japón, Marubeni Corporation la representación de los equipos de Construcción e Industriales Komatsu, fabricados en Japón.

The first five Komatsu 3-D50A-15 and 2-D65A-6 caterpillar tractors arrived to Puntarenas in August 1972 and were sold: one D50A-15 series #56363 to the Municipality of San Ignacio de Acosta, on September 21,1972; a D50A-15 series # 55825 to Jorge Mora Monge on September 30,1972; a D65A-6 series # 25000 to the Municipality of San Carlos on October 26, 1972; a D50A-15 series # 56362 to Horizontes S.A. on November 16, 1972, and a D65A-6 series # 26157 to Tobias Kader on November 29,1972.

From 1973 on, AGROMEC successfully joined the public institution and multinational corporation market. Highlights of such participation were the award of a MOPT contract for 32 Komatsu units for the construction of the Caldera Port, and the sale of more than 115 Ford, County and Steige tractors to Del Monte (PINDECO) from 1978-80.


In 1977, AGROMEC launched the KOMATSU forklift line, importing the first four model-FD25T-6 units, sold as follows: a series # 60592 to Inmobiliaria Promotora S.A. (Improsa), on September 5, 1977; a series #60591 to Concreto Industrial S.A. on October 6, 1977; a series #70072 to Automercantil S.A. on December 19, 1977, and a series #70072 to Lubricantes del Istmo S.A. on February 3rd, 1978.

Once more, AGROMEC had to face the economic crisis of the 80s, and, thanks to the kindness of engineer Arguedas, the president of the company, they managed to overcome it and to pay the totality of their foreign currency obligations.

In 1991, the Fiat group acquired what was already known as Ford-New Holland at the time. The New Holland brand name prevailed and, in 1992, the Agromec partners purchased Agrotractores S.A., the distributor in Costa Rica of the Fiat agricultural tractors. The company started selling both brands, Ford and Fiat, for several months in separate establishments. Later on, New Holland unified the brands and the Fiat brand disappeared from the market. As of December of that year, only New Holland agricultural tractors were sold in AGROMEC.

In 1992, the line of the distributed equipment was expanded with the addition of the Raymond narrow-aisle forklifts.

The machinery-fleet rental business started in 1998. In that field, AGROMEC has stood out as the main supplier of sugar harvesting machinery for the largest sugar mills in the country.

Naturally, all the marketed equipment is provided with post-sale support through an efficient Service Shop and an adequate spare-part stock.

On July 18, 2000, Agrosuperior S.A. was founded, comprised by Abonos Superior S.A., Agricultura Mecanizada S.A. (AGROMEC), Formulaciones del Sol S.A. and CARPI TEC S.A. Agrosuperior S.A. was acquired by the Gurdian Moreno brothers on July 28, 2004.

Agrosuperior S.A. fue adquirida por los señores Gurdián Moreno el 28 de julio del 2004.

The previous history would not be complete without mentioning the four fundamental pillars that provided AGROMEC, in first place, and AGROSUPERIOR S.A., in second, with the leadership they currently hold.

The vision and perseverance of partners and directors.

The professionalism and dedication of the employees that worked and currently work for the company.

The quality of the brands distributed.

The logistic and technical support provided to the brands distributed.

Sr. Ramón Balsinde y Martínez

General Manager AGROMEC. 1978

Guillermo Arguedas Klotz

Engineer Founder and President of AGROMEC. 1978

Tractor Ford 8600.

AGROMEC Technical Staff

La Uruca Plant. 1978

6610 Ford Tractor parts.

Regional Sales Training

AGROMEC Plant, La Uruca. 1972

8000 Ford Tractor

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